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Hoare Claxton criminal defence lawyers have over three decades of legal experience: Ryan Claxton himself was a Crown Prosecutor for eight years. Whether you are charged with domestic violence, impaired driving & DUI/ DWI, assault or have had an altercation with the police Hoare Claxton can help. They offer a free consultation and ultimately strive to have your case withdrawn or sentence reduced. In the event that you are found guilty they can also assist with pardons and record suspensions.


Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs is a Criminal Code offence in Canada. Currently the minimum punishment is a $1000 fine and a 1 year prohibition from driving motor vehicle. Top Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers Peter Hoare & Ryan Claxton have helped thousands of people beat impaired driving charges and avoid having fail a criminal record check as a result. If you have been arrested for impaired driving in Alberta, even as a first offence, call Hoare Claxton. They understand the consequences an impaired driving conviction can have on your life.


Has the Crown charged you with Assault, Aggravated Assault or Domestic Assault in Calgary? Calgary Lawyers Peter Hoare & Ryan Claxton have extensive experience in defending assault cases. Often, if the case cannot be dropped, they can refer clients to counselling (e.g. if alcohol was a factor) or Alternative Measures to mitigate the sentence. In metropolitan areas such as Edmonton and Calgary, there is a special court room set aside for domestic violence charges labelled “domestic court”. Domestic Violence cases are viewed seriously by the Crown and therefore it is important that you contact Hoare Claxton ASAP when facing these allegations. You can trust Peter and Ryan to reduce the stress and anxiety you will experience.

Calgary Drug Lawyer

Peter Hoare and Ryan Claxton have defended many clients against drug charges of varying seriousness. The charges have ranged from simple possession of a controlled substance & possession for the purpose of trafficking to police seizures of multiple Kg cocaine, marijuana/ cannabis, fentanyl, mushrooms or any category of drug listed in The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Retaining experienced drug defence lawyers can mean the difference between a dismissed case & a drug conviction with lifelong consequences: embarrassing police background checks, lost employment opportunities and child custody restrictions. Both Ryan and Peter are adept at challenging police search and seizure procedures & Peter Hoare has personally helped shape drug law in Alberta.

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