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Ryan Claxton is a criminal defence lawyer who understands that your reputation, family, employment, travel opportunities, and most importantly your freedom are at stake.  Choosing the right criminal defence lawyer is one of the most critical decisions you will make. Being charged with a criminal offence does not mean you are guilty, or that you will be found guilty.  If you want a lawyer that is responsive to your needs as a client and puts your interests first, Ryan is the right choice for you.

Although Ryan is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer, he often attains the desired results without the stress and expense of an actual trial.  Good people often find themselves in bad situations and every case is as unique as the person charged. Ryan does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to criminal defence.  He will work closely with you to prepare a successful defence strategy that is based on your particular circumstances and the unique facts of your case.

If you are serious about avoiding a criminal record or being put in jail, put your trust in Ryan Claxton and get the results you need. Call (587) 355-8889 for a free initial consultation.



Calgary Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a criminal, drug, property or violent offence, your future is at stake. Retaining a senior criminal lawyer to defend you is the best choice you can make. You must trust your lawyer to speak for you and make complex strategic decisions; selecting the right criminal lawyer is imperative. Peter Hoare was called to the bar in 1996. From day one of his legal career, Peter has dedicated himself to protecting his clients’ rights throughout Calgary, western Canada, and the North West Territories. Peter Hoare’s depth of knowledge and ability to evaluate procedure and evidence has been developed over the course of two decades, while obtaining  practical experience and significant results. Peter has a well-established criminal defence practice and a long list of satisfied clients who continue to refer others. Specifically, Peter has gained extensive knowledge and experience defending people charged with drug possession and trafficking.

Peter’s approach to defending clients is effective and unique via:

  • Peter Hoare’s seniority allows him to maintain a caseload which provides ample time for discussion with clients, deliberate focus and thorough preparation.

  • Peter always communicates with his clients: You will know what is going on. You will not get sudden surprises.

  • Not every case is won through litigation/ trial. Often, optimal results are often achieved through alternative resolution strategies (such as the Alternative Measure Program), so that the matter never sees the light of day. Peter Hoare is adept at working with the legal system – in and out of the courtroom – for the best result possible.

Peter Hoare has extensive practice in cases involving complex evidentiary issues and questions about proper police procedures; he has a track record of success when it comes to having contraband or other evidence ruled excluded by the courts. Peter defends clients at trial in Calgary and throughout Alberta, including Brooks, Banff-Canmore, Fort McMurray, and Medicine Hat. He also represents clients in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories. If you are facing charges, there is no substitute for a lawyer who will treat you with respect and courtesy, with an established record of thorough and meticulous work for each client he represents. By acting with integrity, and of course, obtaining favourable results, Peter Hoare has earned the confidence of those he represents. If you are able to commit the time and resources, Peter Hoare is the highly experienced lawyer you can rely on.

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