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Manslaughter is more complex as far sentences are concerned, however the penalties are significant and life altering. Retaining a criminal lawyer who has an established and effective track record, is crucial for your defence.

What is the Definition of Manslaughter?

Manslaughter is culpable homicide that is neither murder nor infanticide. Commonly, a manslaughter charge is laid when a defendant inadvertently causes the death of another person by means of an unlawful act. An example would be drunk driving that results in the death of a pedestrian.

How does Ouellette Hoare Claxton defend you against a Manslaughter Charge?

Ouellette Hoare Claxton have several strategies they can employ in your defence:

  • Can any of the witnesses hostile to you be cross-examined based on their reliability?
  • Is the Prosecution able to establish that you perpetrated the crime?
  • Were there any Charter violations during the conduct of the Criminal Investigation?
  • Were your actions the primary cause of the victim’s demise, or was it something else entirely?
  • Did you break the law during the actions that lead to the person’s death (i.e did it fulfill the requirements for a homicide charge?)

The Sentencing

Manslaughter is a very loosely outlined criminal offence: it includes what could be considered “simple mistakes” on the lower range, and “close to murders” on the high end. Consequently the range of punishments for a Manslaughter conviction is quite broad:

Manslaughter convictions carry a maximum sentence of life in prison, and a minimum of 4 years if a firearm was employed in the commission of the crime. For less severe circumstances there is no mandated minimum. Beyond facing incarceration, individuals are typically given a firearms ban and required to surrender a DNA sample which is stored at the federal DNA database.

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