What Can I Expect During the Free Consultation?

Being charged with any criminal offence is a stressful and confusing time. To help you through this process, your initial in-person meeting with Andre, Peter or Mike is without cost. The personal meeting to discuss your legal matter is always with Mr. Ouellette, Mr. Claxton or Mr. Hoare, and not an associate. Andre, Peter and Mike genuinely believe that you must feel comfortable with and trust your criminal lawyer. Calgary Criminal Lawyers will use whatever time is needed to discuss your charge(s) in a comfortable, confidential and non-rushed environment. We will provide advice to you about the charge(s), the potential penalties and the defences that are available to you. If you have a police report or Crown disclosure, we will also summarize and discuss the evidence with you. Finally, we will briefly explore the effect of setting a trial date or entering a guilty plea, as some decisions you need to make are time sensitive.

Is My Confidentiality Assured during the Free Consultation?

Everything that is communicated between yourself and Calgary Criminal Lawyers during the initial consultation remains completely confidential.

How Much Will A Lawyer Cost Me?

During your consultation, Andre, Mike and Peter will also discuss with you retainer and legal fees. Legal fees are determined on a case by case basis, dependent on such factors as the complexity of the charge, the number of witnesses, the mode of trial and the evidentiary issues. Our fees will be outlined in a clearly worded contract called a “Retainer Agreement”. Criminal lawyers do not usually charge an hourly rate. Instead, legal fees are determined in fixed fee or block fee basis. To the greatest possible extent, Andre, Mike and Peter will disclose what the total fee will be without addition or hidden costs. This means you will know the cost of your case up front.

What if I Cannot Afford your Fees (I may need Legal Aid) or my case falls outside your Practice Areas?

Calgary Criminal Lawyers strongly believe in your rights and will fight to protect them. If for some reason we cannot take your file on, Andre, Peter and Mike will refer a qualified lawyer who can help you.


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