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Hoare Claxton’s criminal defence lawyers offer experienced legal representation for those charged with a criminal offence in the Greater Calgary Area & throughout Western Canada. Our criminal lawyers practice exclusively in criminal law with relentless dedication to offer the best defence possible.

Have you been charged?

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you need immediate effective legal representation. We have proven successes for all criminal cases, including: domestic assault, sexual assault, drug offences, murder, fraud and theft.


Drug Law

Both Mike and Peter are adept at challenging police search and seizure procedures. They have defended charges ranging from simple possession of a controlled substance & possession for the purpose of trafficking to police seizures of multiple Kg cocaine, marijuana/ cannabis, fentanyl, mushrooms or any category of drug listed in The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Domestic Assault

Has the Crown charged you with Assault, Aggravated Assault or Domestic Assault in Calgary? Calgary Lawyers Peter Hoare & Mike C. Gilchrist have extensive experience in defending assault cases. Often, if the case cannot be dropped, they can refer clients to counselling (e.g. if alcohol was a factor) or Alternative Measures to mitigate the sentence.

Drunk Driving (DUI & DWI)

Top Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyers Peter Hoare & Mike C. Gilchrist have helped thousands of people beat impaired driving charges and avoid having fail a criminal record check as a result. If you have been arrested for impaired driving in Alberta, even as a first offence, call Hoare Claxton. They understand the consequences an impaired driving conviction can have on your life.

Sexual Assault

Peter and Mike have the experience and compassion you require to minimize the stress in your life and ensure that the legal system does not treat you unfairly. If you are charged with a sexual offense, only the top lawyers will suffice- Call Calgary Criminal Lawyers.


We are Calgary trial lawyers with 39 years of experience ready to stand for you in court and challenge the evidence of the police and complainants.

You can trust us to get results.


Peter Hoare


Peter was called to the Bar of Alberta in 1996, and has gone on to represent clients across Western Canada and the Northern Territories. From day one of his legal career, he has been passionately committed to fighting for his clients’ rights; his unwavering dedication to his clients and his field has earned him the respect of the legal community and the courts.

Mike C. Gilchrist


Mike C. Gilchrist is a criminal defence lawyer who understands that your reputation, family, employment, travel opportunities, and most importantly your freedom are at stake.  Choosing the right criminal defence lawyer is one of the most critical decisions you will make. Being charged with a criminal offence does not mean you are guilty, or that you will be found guilty.  If you want a lawyer that is responsive to your needs as a client and puts your interests first, Mike is the right choice for you.

“I am so thankful for the team at Hoare Claxton. Their firm helped us get through some of the hardest times of our lives. They really care about their clients.”
Chris H, Criminal Law Client



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