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We are criminal defence lawyers with many years of experience defending people charged with criminal offences. Our clients always get a “free consultation” by telephone or in person. We will defend criminal cases in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the N.W.T. Mr. Hoare has been a criminal defence lawyer for over 20 years. Mr. Claxton has been a criminal lawyer for 15 years. He was a Crown Prosecutor for eight years and has been a criminal defence lawyer for the past seven years. Because we have practiced criminal law for many years we have a comprehensive understanding of the impact that criminal charges have on people. Every case is important and each one of our clients are important to us, no matter how serious the charge is. Not only do we understand the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that an accused person faces but we are also well equipped and experienced to provide you with the representation that you need when facing the criminal justice system. You can call us any day of the week and we are available 24 hours a day. We have extensive experience defending people in the following areas of criminal law:

  • Bail Hearings
  • Impaired Driving Offences (DUI)
  • Impaired Driving Causing Death or Bodily Harm
  • Domestic Violence Charges
  • Assault
  • Assault with a Weapon & Assault Causing Bodily Harm
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Drug Trafficking Charges
  • Drug Possession Charges
  • Drug Production, Importation, and Cultivation
  • Weapons/Firearms Offences
  • Sexual Assault Charges
  • White Collar Crime
  • Extortion
  • Fraud
  • Mischief
  • Conspiracy
  • Property Offences
  • Theft
  • Criminal Negligence (Causing Bodily Harm & Causing Death)
  • Hnmiride (Manslancrhter, 2″d degree Murder, and 1st degree Murder)

Our vision is to provide you the best law service for your case.


We want to solve your case through our experience.


We have the best knowledge to defence your case.


We are innovative and We will obtain disclosure from the Crown.

Peter Haore


Peter was called to the Bar of Alberta in 1996, and has gone on to represent clients across Western Canada and the Northern Territories. From day one of his legal career, he has been passionately committed to fighting for his clients’ rights; his unwavering dedication to his clients and his field has earned him the respect of the legal community and the courts.

Peter Hoare has extensive experience in cases involving complex evidence issues and questions about proper police procedures; he has an impressive track record of success when it comes to having contraband or other evidence ruled inadmissible by the courts. His legal work has resulted in several high-profile decisions that have shaped drug law and search and seizure cases in Alberta.

Peter has established a successful and respected criminal defence practice serving clients in Calgary and around Alberta, including Brooks, Canmore, Fort McMurray, and Medicine Hat. He believes that there is no substitute for treating people with respect and courtesy, and he works hard to earn the confidence of each client he represents. His priority is to obtain the most favorable results for every client. Call today for a free consultation to find out how the firm can help you.

Ryan Claxton


Ryan Claxton is a criminal defence lawyer who understands that your reputation, family, employment, travel opportunities, and most importantly your freedom are at stake.  Choosing the right criminal defence lawyer is one of the most critical decisions you will make.

Being charged with a criminal offence does not mean you are guilty, or that you will be found guilty.  If you want a lawyer that is responsive to your needs as a client and puts your interests first, Ryan is the right choice for you.

Although Ryan is a skilled and experienced trial lawyer, he often attains the desired results without the stress and expense of an actual trial.  Good people often find themselves in bad situations and every case is as unique as the person charged.

Ryan does not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to criminal defence.  He will work closely with you to prepare a successful defence strategy that is based on your particular circumstances and the unique facts of your case.

If you are serious about avoiding a criminal record or being put in jail, put your trust in Ryan Claxton and get the results you need.