Driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs (often referred to as “DUI”) is a Criminal Code offence in Canada. Currently, the minimum punishment is a $1000 fine and a one year prohibition from driving any motor vehicle. Those who have a previous criminal record for driving offences may also face minimum jail sentences. Furthermore, if a person pleads guilty or is convicted after trial of an impaired driving or driving over .08 offence, then vehicle insurance premiums will increase substantially. The criminal record associated with driving offences can restrict travel abroad and significantly impact a person’s ability to get or maintain employment. In many provinces, an accused person loses their driver’s license simply for being charged by the police and long before the Crown Prosecutor has ever proved the case.

We have many years of experience in this very technical area of criminal law. Successful defence of impaired driving, refusing to blow, or driving while over .08 requires a dedicated lawyer with a meticulous approach. Attention to detail and years of experience is vital to your defence. These types of offences are aggressively prosecuted and, therefore, we provide our clients with an equally aggressive defence strategy.

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